The Covid-19 outbreak has had a profound impact on the economy. As a result, some apprentices have been made redundant without completing their apprenticeships, while others are now at risk of redundancy. To help these apprentices, the Department for Education has launched the Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices.

The service provides clear, accessible advice and guidance to individuals on the impact of redundancy, their options and next steps. There are also opportunities to help redundant apprentices identify new apprenticeship and employment opportunities, and, where they are eligible, complete their current apprenticeship.

The service is made up of three main elements:

  • Providing apprentices with advice and guidance on the impact of redundancy
  • Signposting apprentices to local and national support services
  • An apprenticeship vacancy sharing service to make redundant apprentices aware of new opportunities

Employers: How you can support redundant apprentices

The Department for Education is asking if you would be able to support redundant apprentices by sharing details of any apprenticeship vacancies you have. Apprentices that have been made redundant may already have the valuable skills and experience that your organisation needs. They are eager to continue their apprenticeship, put their learning into practice and can give organisations a quick return on investment.

The service will share your vacancy details with redundant apprentices through the new vacancy sharing service. Suitable candidates will receive regular emails asking them to contact you directly using the details you supply.

If you would like to recruit a redundant apprentice or offer new apprenticeship opportunities, please visit Hiring an apprentice who has been made redundant or call 0800 015 0600 to find out more. You can also watch the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s YouTube video for more information.

Apprentices: How you’ll benefit from the service

If you are an apprentice who has been made redundant – or is at risk of redundancy – this service will enable you to access free online information and telephone support, so you can connect with national and local support services, including financial, legal, health and wellbeing and careers advice.

It will also share details of new apprenticeship opportunities being offered by employers in your region.

ReSSA is a free service for any apprentice that is funded through the English apprenticeship system and has been made redundant or feels at risk of redundancy.

You can submit your details via an online registration form or through the Apprenticeship Helpdesk. The service will work with employers to identify new apprenticeship opportunities which redundant apprentices can apply for.

If you’ve been made redundant or think you might be made redundant in the future visit Facing redundancy during your apprenticeship or call 0800 015 0400 to speak to an adviser.

This service is part of the Government’s support for apprentices and the vital role apprenticeships will play in economic recovery and skills development.