The apprenticeship levy provides the perfect opportunity to attract new talent and fill any skills gaps in your business.

What’s more, the levy gives you a chance to develop any skill sets that your business may need in the future.

If you’re not making use of the apprenticeship levy, you could be missing out on the kind of talent that can help your business grow and thrive.

In our recent webinar – How to Attract New Talent with the Apprenticeship Levy – Director of Employer Partnerships Steve Barker and Employer Partnership Manager Amanda Fulljames explain the steps your business should be taking to implement a successful talent acquisition strategy.

Listen to a recording of our recent webinar and discover how to:

  • Identify any skills gaps in your business
  • Attract and retain the right kind of talent
  • Determine useful apprenticeship standards
  • Get support with recruitment
  • Develop professional career pathways

For more information about apprenticeship recruitment or to speak to a consultant about your apprenticeship levy please get in touch.