Celeros Flow Technology, in partnership with Seetec Outsource, has successfully launched a professional development programme for its future leaders despite the global pandemic that has brought many parts of the UK economy to a standstill.

Despite the challenges of recent months Celeros Flow Technology is continuing to deliver on long-term objectives, which include leadership development and succession planning.

During lockdown, the organisation has launched two separate leadership and management programmes – team leading and operational management– with 24 learners in total across both programmes.

Addressing organisational skills gaps

The programmes are a direct outcome of the organisation’s internal talent review and succession planning processes. Recognising that leadership and management skills were an area of opportunity for development, Celeros Flow Technology began the process of selecting a provider that could meet its training and development needs.

Seetec Outsource was the unanimous partner of choice, and in early 2020 work began on the design and development of these programmes, using the level 3 team leader and level 5 operations manager apprenticeship standards as a basis for learning. They are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management, providing learners with a recognised external qualification and additional resources to support their learning.

Seetec Outsource took time to understand how the content of these programmes could be tailored to individual roles, and developed a delivery model that suited all stakeholders within the business. Line manager briefings and employee briefings were held across four of the company’s UK locations to ensure there was a clear understanding of the programme requirements and expectations before employees were nominated to take part.

Lauren Webb, Head of Employer Relations and Strategic Partnerships at Seetec Outsource said, “It’s really important for managers to understand how they can support learners on programme, and for learners to understand the commitment involved. Everyone we spoke to at Celeros Flow Technology showed immense enthusiasm for this new initiative. For individuals, it’s an investment in their professional development, while for the business it’s an opportunity to improve performance within and across teams and departments.”

Responding to challenges

Both parties faced two specific challenges in the weeks prior to launch.

During this time Celeros Flow Technology became a standalone company following its divestiture from global manufacturer SPX FLOW. Although the intention had been communicated to Seetec Outsource throughout the programme build, the timing of the divestiture meant very late changes to both branding and contractual information. Both of these challenges were overcome through open and regular communication and taking advantage of current technology such as electronic signatures to authorise changes.

The rapid escalation of the Covid-19 crisis also posed a number of practical challenges to programme implementation. Social distancing and lockdown meant that face-to-face engagement was no longer possible, however the flexible and responsive approach of both parties ensured that delivery could commence and continue throughout the pandemic.

Jonathan Meek, HR Business Partner at Celeros Flow Technology said, “From tailoring remote inductions through to virtual workshops, we have not yet encountered an obstacle which cannot be overcome. Although early in both our programmes, the early indications and feedback are that the ability to remain resilient and responsive is having a positive impact on our learners, who can see that external factors will not derail our commitment to people development.”

A workforce fit for the future

Celeros Flow Technology has enrolled a diverse group of learners onto its newly launched leadership and management programmes, representing many different areas of the business. From team leaders building filters and valves on the shop floor to individuals on the front end of commercial operations, sales and project management, these development opportunities are open to employees across the business and provide clear career progression pathways.

The organisation recognises the importance of developing its existing and future leaders as it embarks on a new chapter as an independent flow control technology solutions provider. Not only will the business benefit from the skills it needs to grow and thrive, it will have an employee base that feels valued and is committed to the future of a company that provides opportunities for personal and professional development.

Jonathan Meek at Celeros Flow Technology said, “We’re delighted the programmes have now launched, enabling us to support key business objectives. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Seetec Outsource, delivering tangible outcomes for both our learners and the business.”

To find out more about working with Seetec Outsource contact a member of the team today.