Is your organisation looking to build a stronger brand identity? Do you want to increase market share or achieve positive reputational gains to support post-pandemic recovery and growth?

Building an effective communications function is key to positioning your organisation as a sector leader and achieving long-term goals. But do you have the capacity and expertise to deliver what’s needed?

The Level 4 PR and Communications Assistant apprenticeship can help you develop a pipeline of talent, whether you’re looking to recruit new employees or upskill existing staff in a communications role.

Listen to a recording of our recent webinar to find out more about the programme and how it’s delivered so you can decide if it’s right for your organisation. The webinar covers:

  • Roles this programme is suited to
  • Core components of the apprenticeship standard
  • How the programme is delivered
  • The support you’ll get from your training provider
  • Access to funding

You can access the webinar recording above.