Two learners who recently completed courses at Seetec’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Skills for Life Academy in Manchester have now secured employment in their chosen field and are looking forward to building a rewarding career for themselves in the UK.  

The Academy supports people with limited English language skills to communicate with confidence, enabling them to access high-quality employment opportunities and integrate successfully into their new communities.

Monika’s Story

Monika is originally from Poland but had lived in the UK for almost six years before joining the ESOL Academy. She had taught herself some English by listening to videos on YouTube but found that there were a lot of differences between American English and British English. This made it difficult for her to understand the people she met on a daily basis.

She was working in a warehouse one day per week, picking, packing and labelling, but really wanted to find a job in the hospitality industry where she could pursue her long-held ambition to become a chef.

However, she realised that she would need to improve her language skills in order to communicate effectively in a kitchen environment and talk confidently in an interview with a prospective employer.

Monika joined Seetec’s ESOL Academy in Manchester in March 2021, and despite the challenges of another national lockdown and remote learning she found that her English started to improve. She was also given support to develop important employability skills that would help her with job applications and interviews.

During the course Monika had her first proper interview at a restaurant in the city centre. She was able to talk about her interest in catering and discuss recipes in detail, which led to a job offer working at the restaurant as a kitchen assistant.

Monika thoroughly enjoys her new role and has already made an impression on the head chef, who has asked her to take on responsibility for providing baked goods for the café next door. She said:

“The ESOL course has given me so much more confidence in myself. My language skills have improved, and I can understand so much more now!

I am especially grateful to my tutor Yanka for all her support and patience. She helped me to believe in myself and pursue my passion. Now I feel confident that I can achieve my goal of becoming a chef and opening up my own restaurant one day.”

Amelia’s Story

Amelia is originally from Italy but moved to the UK in 2018. She has a postgraduate degree in psychology and wants to work with children, but her limited language skills have held her back from pursuing a career in this field.

Before she joined Seetec’s ESOL Academy, Amelia was working part-time as a waitress at an Italian restaurant in Manchester. As she often spoke to staff and customers in her native tongue, she didn’t have many opportunities to improve her English, and felt stuck in a job she didn’t really want to do.

A friend recommended the ESOL course to Amelia, and within a few short weeks she started to see an improvement in her language skills and ability to communicate in English.

This encouraged her to challenge herself and explore new job opportunities. She applied to an education recruitment agency and is now working as a teaching assistant on a supply basis. She enjoys working with children – it suits her nature and her background in psychology – and has now decided to look for a permanent teaching assistant role with a view to becoming a fully qualified teacher at some point in the future.

Amelia feels that the ESOL course has given her the confidence to make important changes in her life. She said,

“The support I received from my tutor Yanka was amazing. All the staff at Seetec Outsource were really professional and caring, and this course has opened the door to new opportunities which I’m really excited about.

“It was also a great way to meet new people from different cultures and share experiences with them. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their English and find a job they love.”

For more information about our ESOL Skills for Life Academy please visit our dedicated programme page.