We are delighted to announce that Seetec Outsource has been awarded a £1 million contract by Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of its three-year Skills for Growth programme, funded through the European Social Fund.

Our delivery will focus on upskilling employees within the logistics sector, which employs around 83,000 people in the region and has been identified as a key sector in terms of employment and skills.

Lloyd DeVal, Director of Sector Skills at Seetec Outsource, said: “The logistics industry has a vital role to play in supporting Greater Manchester’s social and economic growth, and we look forward to working closely with employers in the region to co-develop skills provision that builds workforce capability and increases productivity.

“As an award-winning provider with significant expertise and experience within the logistics sector, Seetec Outsource is well placed to deliver the skilled workforce that Greater Manchester needs to meet current and future challenges and embrace opportunities for growth.”

Skills for Growth is an innovative programme that has been developed to fill skills gaps in a number of industries in Greater Manchester. So far, nine partners have been brought on board by GMCA to deliver support to businesses and training to individuals working across the digital, health and social care, construction, manufacturing and logistics industries.

Read the full press release here.

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