Learning during lockdown

Seetec Outsource is open for business and we’re committed to supporting our employer partners, apprentices and adult learners at this difficult time. Plans are in place to maintain a high level of provision which is adapted to our current environment during the second national lockdown. Continuing to provide skills development and wider learning opportunities is a cornerstone of efforts to support the eventual recovery from COVID-19.

We will continue to deliver apprenticeships and adult education in accordance with the latest Government public health guidance and new national lockdown restrictions from Thursday the 5th of November. Our vocational training facilities can remain open during this period with protective measures in place to keep them COVID-secure, and we are moving to increased levels of online learning wherever possible.

Apprenticeship delivery

At Seetec Outsource we are committed to the continuation of apprenticeship teaching and learning which will remain uninterrupted during the lockdown. Apprenticeship programmes continue to be developed, allowing new candidates to commence their apprenticeship. We will also continue to support businesses with their recruitment and talent development strategies during this period.

We will provide a blended learning experience that proved highly effective during the first national lockdown, supporting learners through online coaching and teaching, e-learning and – where possible – work-based training.

Government flexibilities during the last lockdown encouraged individuals to continue with the training element of their apprenticeship if they were placed on the furlough scheme. The same opportunities to continue learning are available this time around. Apprentices on the furlough scheme can make significant strides towards achieving 20% off-the-job training, and can use the time available to them to successfully complete end-point assessments and achieve functional skills qualifications. This is a great way for businesses to keep employees active and engaged during any periods of furlough they may need to apply.

If an apprentice is made redundant, Government contingencies have now been put in place which allow Seetec Outsource to continue to support learners who are no longer in employment. We will work closely with our employer partners to enable learners facing redundancy to successfully complete their apprenticeship or find an alternative employer. We recognise that this is a particularly anxious time for apprentices and employers – our team is here to provide support.

During the last period of lockdown, we developed a range of blended delivery solutions, and throughout November this development work will continue with a suite of learning modules focussing on themes that are relevant to the challenges our learners currently face. These include mental resilience, mindfulness and providing leadership during difficult times. Learning modules will be delivered live and recorded, and will not only support individuals with their own mental wellbeing but will also be applicable to most apprenticeship standards.

Adult education

Given the economic and social consequences of the pandemic, and the impact on livelihoods as a result of rising unemployment levels, it will be more important than ever for working-age adults to find ways to upskill or reskill to pursue job opportunities in growth sectors.

If you are long-term or more recently unemployed, lockdown is a great opportunity to focus on learning. During the first national lockdown we were able to successfully deliver adult education courses through a remote and online learning model. We will continue to offer blended and distance learning options in addition to our in-centre learning.

Our centres remain open in accordance with the latest Government guidance on educational settings. Where attendance in person is appropriate we are taking robust precautions to ensure all sites are COVID-secure, with appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures in place. For more information visit our Covid-19 web page.

This is an unsettling time for the whole country and there will inevitably be challenges ahead. Our commitment remains the same, to provide the best possible educational support to learners and provide a safe environment for them to access services during the lockdown.

For more information about our services please contact us.