Ethan, 17, from West Derby in Liverpool is feeling confident about his future since completing a traineeship with Seetec Outsource.

Before joining the traineeship programme, Ethan had completed a one-year course in graphic design at Liverpool City College but didn’t want to continue in full-time education. He was keen to find a job and start working, but struggled with anxiety and lacked the confidence to apply for roles he was interested in.

Taking the first step

He was signposted to the traineeship in business administration and digital skills by a family connection who worked for Seetec Outsource. The 10-week programme, which combines classroom-based or online learning with a period of work experience, seemed like a great opportunity for Ethan to build the confidence and skills he needed to take his next steps.

The online format of the first few weeks helped to ease him into the programme gently and meant he could focus on learning without feeling anxious about being away from home. Ethan’s traineeship tutor also gave him plenty of support to prepare him for his work placement, with a number of sessions focussing on workplace communication, expected behaviours in the workplace and confidence-building activities.

A chance to gain meaningful work experience

Ethan was placed with Daisy Inclusive UK, a Liverpool-based charity just a short bus ride from his home. Although he was nervous in the beginning, he was given a warm welcome and quickly made to feel at ease.

He thoroughly enjoyed his day-to-day duties, which were very varied and included administration tasks such as updating spreadsheets and designing posters and flyers for forthcoming events. These have been used on social media and throughout the community.

The work has given Ethan a real sense of achievement. He said, “I’ve really enjoyed the experience and the jobs I’ve been given. They keep me occupied and I feel as though I have something to contribute. Everyone has been so friendly and supportive, and my confidence has really grown. I don’t feel anxious about coming into work anymore and look forward to learning new things each day.”

Boosting future job prospects

Claire, Ethan’s manager at Daisy Inclusive UK, has been impressed by the progress he’s made and the effort he puts into the tasks he’s given. She said, “Ethan is a pleasure to have around. He just gets on with the work set and is a great help. His interaction with visitors and staff is improving daily, and it’s fantastic to see how much he’s grown in confidence in such a short space of time.”

Ethan’s traineeship tutor Sam is also delighted to see how far he’s come. She said, “Ethan has embraced the opportunity to build his skills and experience, and this is clearly paying off. Traineeships provide young people with a fantastic steppingstone to a job or apprenticeship and can help them overcome any barriers they might be facing. With the right support and encouragement, learners like Ethan can build their confidence, motivation and a range of employability skills to improve their future job prospects.

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