Approximately 15 months

Programme overview:

Urban drivers typically transport goods by road to an agreed destination, often serving multiple customers each day in congested areas. This is a different occupation to large goods vehicle (LGV) drivers, who usually drive a much higher mileage and use heavier, articulated lorries.

This programme develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to deliver a high standard of customer service while providing safe, accurate and timely deliveries, collections and associated services, such as technical advice on goods and product installation. There is a strong focus on representing an organisation’s brand to the expected corporate standards and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.

As part of the programme, learners will gain a CAT C (Class 2) driving licence in order to operate fixed axle vehicles over 3,500 kg in weight.

Who is this programme for?

The programme would suit individuals who:

  • Are 18 years of age or older
  • Hold a Category B (car) driving license

The programme would suit new recruits with no previous experience within logistics as well as warehouse, office or driving staff who want to move into a role that requires a CAT C licence.

Key learning outcomes:


  • Urban vehicle preparation and maintenance requirements
  • The principles of load and weight distribution
  • Mechanical and manual handling techniques when using auxiliary equipment
  • The capability and limitations of fixed axle vehicles over 3,500 kg in weight
  • Regulations and legislation that impact on professional driving
  • Applicable Highway Code road laws and restrictions
  • Driving techniques applicable to fixed axle vehicles over 3,500 kg in weight
  • Features found in urban environments
  • Map reading techniques
  • Hazard perception techniques
  • Environmental and sustainability factors


  • Preparing the vehicle for planned daily workload
  • Monitoring the vehicle for defects
  • Coordinating own work with others to meet business priorities
  • Preparing, positioning and securing goods appropriately
  • Planning and/or adapting a driving route to meet contractual requirements
  • Responding and adapting to urban driving incidents, accidents, roadworks and hazards
  • Manoeuvring the vehicle on site
  • Managing relationships that enable successful urban delivery, collection and on-site contracts
  • Completing contractual obligations on site
  • Adjusting the services provided in response to customer requirements
  • Utilising relevant IT systems


  • Works flexibly, alone or in a team as required
  • Puts safety first, for themselves and others
  • Respectful of others
  • Takes ownership of own work
  • Sources solutions
  • Committed to continuous professional development
  • Acts in a professional and ethical manner

Qualifications and certification:

  • Category C (Class 2) licence
  • Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) level 2 apprenticeship certification

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