As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) 2024, we’re shining a light on some of our incredible learners that we have supported throughout their apprenticeship journey.

Alfred and Joshua have both recently completed their apprenticeships and got in touch to share some inspiring words about their experience working with Seetec Training.

Joshua- Business Administrator Level 3 apprentice

“I’m Josh, I’m 18 and I completed a Level 3 Business Administrator apprenticeship with Seetec and Woodland Group.

“My favourite thing about completing an apprenticeship with Seetec was developing my knowledge; the course taught me so many things and I was challenged to the maximum.

“I really enjoyed completing a particular project within the course which was the Christmas party, I successfully arranged an large Christmas gathering which was a great night.

“I wouldn’t have been able to experience it without the help of Seetec, most importantly my delivery tutor, Lindsay, and obviously my colleagues at Woodland Group.

“I was typically in workshops working with other apprentices from all around the UK, which was great because I met new people and we were all so interested in learning.

“Towards the end of my apprenticeship however , I had one-to-ones 1-1 with my Delivery Tutor; she made sure I was prepared and organised, we constantly revised and kept in touch and in the end, I achieved an overall pass grade, with a distinction in one component.

“At the time that Seetec supported me, it was through a hard stage of my life.

“I began my apprenticeship at 16 having just left school and was struggling to adapt to a full-time environment. Instead of suffering in silence, I spoke out to Lindsay and my peers at Woodland and I can honestly say they were with me every step of the way.

“And Lindsay still checked up on me even when my smile was back.

“Since building my knowledge at work and with Seetec , I have taken on a vast amount of responsibilities and I’m thriving in a busy environment, I plan routes for vehicles, invoice, add costs and revenues, newly licensed fork truck driver, plan transport for two other sites and so much more.

“Us apprentices don’t just stick the kettle on, I can assure you that!”

“After my apprenticeship, I was offered a contract at Woodland Group, as a Junior Transport Planner. I am glad I can knuckle down and develop even further, all thanks to Seetec.”


Alfred- International Freight Forwarder Level 3 apprentice

“I was lucky enough to do my apprenticeship with two great companies of different sizes and types. Through my apprenticeship, I was able to make the transition from school into the working world.

“I had the opportunity to learn and become qualified for an industry which will be everlasting and full of opportunities.

“I believe everyone should definitely consider the large benefits of an apprentice scheme, it is a really good way to discover yourself professionally, assess your strengths and gain qualifications.

“I would do an apprenticeship again if I were put back in time to when I was 16 without a clue of what I wanted from life.

“I recommend that people consider it and not dismiss it because of social norms of how you gain success, everyone has different paths and for me, this path is practical, exciting and full of opportunity.”


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