As part of our celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2024, we want to highlight apprenticeships as a fantastic career option, for everyone. Regardless of your age, gender or learning abilities, an apprenticeship can support you to achieve great things for your future.

Take it from two of our inspiring learners, Saskia and Sarah, who both overcome neurodivergent challenges as they navigate through their apprenticeships. 


“I started my Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship programme with Seetec Training in November 2023. I would like to progress within my current job, so being able to do an apprenticeship allows me to gain the knowledge I need.

“I love speaking with the people at Seetec and members of staff at work that I wouldn’t normally speak to day-to-day. And I like that I can complete my apprenticeship remotely via Teams instead of commuting to study, so that I can work alongside my apprenticeship.

“Although I’ve not been diagnosed with Dyslexia, I sometimes struggle when reading workbooks, as I can’t take the information in. I find having a notebook and writing some of the key points down helps me massively. Seetec and my employer supporting me with that additional time I need makes a real difference.

“I really encourage people to go down the apprenticeship route with Seetec. I struggled with my A-Levels and never went to university, but having the option to get to where you want to go in your career through an apprenticeship- I’m all for!”



“I started my International Freight Forwarding Level 3 apprenticeship in August 2022. Learning on the job really appealed to me and I wanted to gain experience whilst I was learning. I’d been told about apprenticeships when I was younger and I always knew I would choose this route over university as it offered more to me than what university courses did.

“I enjoyed showcasing my work during my apprenticeship, it gave me the chance to show what I’d learnt and I could create everything in my own way and make it unique.

“My Dyslexia always made it a challenge for me to read and speak. However, with many years of practice and perseverance, I have made it easier for me to manage within my work. I was always nervous for professional discussions as there would be a few times that I would jumble up my words, but I was able to explain again what I meant and I was treated so well by Seetec and my employer that it didn’t worry me if I did make a mistake. My confidence grew tremendously throughout my apprenticeship, thanks to to the help from my colleagues and Seetec.

“I think apprenticeships are a great career option for everyone, they offer work experience and knowledge that you can’t get from just lessons alone; it was the best thing I could have done to kick start my career. Apprenticeships don’t single people out for their differences and support is offered at all times. I never once thought that I was different or less capable than others because of my dyslexia. You grow as a person and in confidence from day one.”

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