The Seetec Group recognise and value the importance of apprenticeships, not just in the training that we provide to other organisations, but in encouraging and supporting our own staff to undertake them alongside their roles.

Someone who understands that better than most is Richard Purkhardt, Business Manager for Seetec Pluss, who knows first-hand the benefits that they can provide.

Richard explained: “Four of my staff are currently doing the Level Four Employability Practitioner Apprenticeship at the moment, two of which have been working in the employability industry for a number of years and two who are new to it. I have seen the benefits for each: it’s given the two more experienced team members a new way of approaching their jobs, whereas for the newer members, its taught them the fundamentals of how to plan and execute a customer journey from start to finish.”

Richard is ideally suited to supporting his staff whilst they undergo their apprenticeships, as he has also completed them himself previously: “I had an idea of what was needed; I was happy to give them the time they needed to do some of the coursework required. I actually made them book that time out of their diaries!”

One of the reasons Richard was willing to allow his staff this time is because he is seeing that the apprenticeships are not just making them more competent in their direct responsibilities, but more well-rounded and self-aware employees in general: “I have seen a massive improvement in the confidence of my newer staff; they would never have delivered a presentation in front of people before they started, they’ve now both done it twice. The more self-assured they become, they’re able to apply that to their work. The more they’re doing that, the more productive we are as a team!”

With Richard’s story of going from apprentice to manager being similar to that of John Baumback, our new Executive Chairman, this is further proof that Seetec are a company that rewards staff who complete apprenticeships with direct career progression opportunities. This then becomes a culture which is present in every department across the company, as Richard described:

“It’s all about investing in your team, investing in the person. Not only are you developing their skills and their knowledge, you’re also showing them that you care about them. That breeds loyalty; I’ve been here for twelve years and that’s for one reason: Seetec have developed and invested in me. Now it’s my responsibility to do the same for my staff.”