Movers and shakers at the 2024 Bifa Awards

Celebrating success and excellence in Freight Forwarding apprenticeships.

Seetec Training is proud to announce its outstanding achievements at this year’s British International Freight Association (BIFA) Freight Service awards. The event, which marked its 35th year, witnessed an impressive turnout, making it the most highly attended ceremony in its history.

Among the highlights of the day, four Seetec Training learners emerged as finalists for the prestigious Apprentice of the Year award.

  • Cameron Smith, working with Ligentia
  • Jacob Swift, working with Avocet Clearance Limited
  • Leanne Read, working with Neon Freight Ltd
  • Samuel Barrett, working with Charles Kendall

Cameron with his award

The real moment of triumph came with the announcement of the winner – Cameron, a recent graduate of the International Freight Forwarding apprenticeship programme with Seetec Training. Cameron’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence have been recognised with the coveted Apprentice of the Year award. This achievement not only reflects Cameron’s personal success but also underscores the quality of the training provided by Seetec, and the dedication from his employer, Ligentia.

Click here to check out our video with Cameron, speaking to him shortly before he was announced as this year’s winner: BIFA’s 2023 Apprentice of the Year, Cameron, chats to Seetec Training about his apprenticeship. – YouTube

In addition to Cameron’s remarkable win, Jacob, another talented individual from Seetec Training, received well-deserved recognition with a Highly Commended award. Jacob’s achievements contribute to the overall success and reputation of Seetec Training in delivering high-calibre apprenticeship programmes.

The BIFA awards ceremony was a momentous occasion for Seetec Training, not only for the individual accolades but also for the collective recognition of the leading body’s commitment to fostering talent and excellence in the field of International Freight Forwarding. The event was attended by industry leaders, experts, and professionals, making it a significant milestone for us.Carl Hobbis

Carl Hobbis, Member Services Director for BIFA said: “Since the International Freight Forwarding Specialist apprenticeship was introduced in 2018, Seetec Training has been a big supporter. It is one of the two largest training providers for this apprenticeship and coached four of the six finalists in the apprentice of the year category of the BIFA Freight Service Awards 2023.

“As a judge, I was encouraged by the record number of entries to this category and saw first hand the significant achievements being made by all the finalists in the various roles that they are undertaking within logistics.

“As the principal trade association for the freight forwarding and logistics sector, which has an ageing workforce, we have various initiatives to encourage individuals to start a career within logistics through the apprenticeship pathway, which will help address this issue, as well as the sector’s broader skills shortage and long-term sustainability.”

As we celebrate the success of Cameron and Jacob, Seetec Training remains dedicated to providing outstanding education and training delivered by devoted tutors with over 25 years of experience, preparing the next generation of professionals for success in the world of international freight.

Congratulations to Cameron, Jacob, and all the Seetec Training learners for their exceptional achievements at the BIFA awards. This triumph is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and excellence that define our commitment to shaping the future of freight forwarding professionals.

If you’d like to know more about our IFF Level 3 apprenticeship programme, please email, or click here: International Freight Forwarding Specialist | Seetec Outsource