Through the Blue Light Academy, run in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Seetec Outsource have introduced a new, invaluable programme for emergency service workers in Greater Manchester. This is the Human Factors course, taught by experienced providers Atrainability and Human Factors expert and Director, Trevor Dale.

Trevor has had 34 years’ experience as both an airline pilot and then a trainer. He was one of the pioneers in the subject in commercial aviation and has subsequently spent time observing and coaching in live operating theatres and within accident and emergency centres. He has presented the Human Factors training for over thirty years.

Trevor introduced his programme and why it is so important for emergency service workers: “The basis of Human Factors is explaining to people how the brain can lead you into missing things. It’s about trying to get the learners to appreciate their own limitations and give them some skills to deal with them.”

Human Factor’s origins lie in commercial aviation, as Trevor explained: “Research was carried out in the 70’s and 80’s where flight crews were analysed to see what led to successful, and unsuccessful, teamwork. They broke it down into key factors like leadership and sharing information, which led to an understanding of the importance of something called Situational Awareness- essentially someone’s understanding of what’s happening in front of them.”

“To give examples specific to our three emergency services in Greater Manchester, potential scenarios that might occur include house fires, road traffic accidents or even a terrorist incident. We break this down simply: how much information are they given, how are they given it and how do they take it in. This will then put our learners in the best position to respond accordingly, avoiding errors or potential miscommunications.”

There is substantial evidence of the huge impact that Human Factors can have, as Trevor continued: “In the Aviation industry, it massively improved the safety figures, whilst we have also worked with healthcare staff and others who work in high-pressure scenarios to great effect. Essentially, Human Factors are in play any time something could have been avoided or trapped.”

The version of the programme which is available through the Blue Light Academy is a one-day course, which can be completed online. Trevor explained what the day’s learning involves: “There is a one-hour e-module which is specially designed to write to your long-term memory. The rest of it is interactive sessions where I have discussions with the learners and get them talking to each-other and sharing their own experiences.”

To find more about the programme or to sign up today, please fill out the enquiry form on this link.

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