To achieve his career ambitions, Liam has taken up the opportunity of a fully funded logistics skills course to build leadership and management skills.

Liam is an Apprentice LGV Driver for Breedon Group in Manchester, a role he has held for over ten months. He was sent the information about the logistics skills courses by a colleague, who recognised his interest in learning and identified Liam as a great candidate for the scheme.

He chose to take the ‘Providing Leadership for your Team in Logistics Operations’ option, saying: “I decided to sign up because I knew it would look good on my CV. As I get older, I don’t want to be climbing in and out of cabs all day and ideally, I’d like to get into Transport Management.”Liam Gross

The course Liam undertook is one of seventeen logistics skills training options that is offered by Seetec Outsource, in partnership with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, designed to support the upskilling of individuals within a Transport or Logistics business in the Greater Manchester Area, with full funding provided by the European Social Fund.

Liam feels that the course has enabled him to find his leadership style: “Eventually, I want to be overseeing a team of drivers, so not only can I teach them what I’ve learned out on the road, but now I also know how to manage them, how to deal with conflict and the best way to motivate them as a team.”

Alongside developing his future aspirations, Liam stated that the course has allowed him to reflect on his capabilities in his current role, saying that he has analysed ways he has handled previous situations whilst enabling him to better understand and co-operate with colleagues.

Liam said that his employer, Breedon Group, have been very supportive of his enrolment on the course: “My current manager was involved in getting me on the course in the first place and the business have been very encouraging of me focusing on the coursework I needed to do.”

And on the nature of the teaching, Liam added: “It’s been so relaxed. My instructor has been more like a mate than a tutor!” The flexible nature of the programme has also meant that he was able to complete most of the written element early on and can now spend more time learning practical skills.

Liam finished by adding: “I would definitely recommend this course. I think you’ve got to approach it with an open mind, but the course helps you to develop that skill!”

More information about the fully funded skills training courses that are available can be found here.