Lee Massingham

Lee Massingham, 29, is currently enrolled on the Level 3 International Freight Forwarding apprenticeship, whilst working in the Ocean Export department of a worldwide logistics company. Lee had no previous background in shipping and had been asking a family connection if he knew of any opportunities for him to break into the industry. Once the placement became available, Lee jumped at the chance and hasn’t looked back since.

“I’ve never had a chance to be in a job that feels like its worth it. It couldn’t have worked out better for me.” Lee explained. “Aside from getting my forklift driver qualification, I haven’t done much learning since I left school, so it’s been so rewarding since I’ve started my course. I’ve got a little boy at home now and that’s been a big motivation for me- I want to do something that’s worthwhile and could lead to greater opportunities, whereas before I think I was living day-to-day.”

Lee outlined how he’s balancing his on-the-job responsibilities with the learning required for the apprenticeship: “I’m managing to get a lot of experience on-the-job, partly because we were a team member down and a lot of extra work was pushed my way, but I’m happy with that. Alongside that, I’ve also been working on my Level 2 Functional Skills.”

This return to learning has not only helped Lee in his role, but also in everyday life: “With my Functional Skills, I know that I’ll be able to help my son when he’s studying at school now! I find myself noticing things like percentages on receipts now, so I’m becoming more aware and knowledgeable all the time.”

Finally, Lee was quick to mention the importance of his Apprenticeship Delivery Coach, Clare: “It makes such a difference having a great teacher. Clare is very professional; she knows how to engage with all of us and she knows when to give us a push when we need it. One of the key things is how relatable she is- she makes sure she gets on your level.”

Clare Ramsbottom, Lee’s ADC, was quick to return the compliment: “It has been my absolute pleasure to watch Lee’s knowledge, skills and behaviours grow so much. I love how he has taken his newfound confidence on board and how he has been going home and telling his partner how well he is doing!”

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