Cargo-Partner, a logistics company specialising in information technology and supply chain optimisation, have taken advantage of the GMCA Skills for Growth training courses offered through Seetec Outsource to upskill members of their team in crucial business areas. Cargo-Partner have enrolled their staff on various courses, to not only build technical industry skills but facilitate future development within the company.

Angela Flanagan, National Product Manager at CargoPartner, explained how the training has benefitted the organisation: “It has given the team some focus and a little more confidence in speaking about themselves, I feel they have enjoyed their courses and not found them onerous at all, even though they have completed them alongside their busy day-to-day roles!

One of the team members to have undergone the training works as a Sea Freight Forwarder and has been with Cargo-Partner for six months. She discussed her experience of the training courses: “The first course I completed was Managing your own professional development in logistics operations; the second one I am in the middle of is Responding to problems in logistic operations and then I’m due to complete a third course after that.”

“The training was incredibly interesting, it provided me with a lot of new information that I hadn’t previously thought about, such as asking myself “What does success mean to me?” and then learning about the different definitions of success. I now try and use what I’ve learned in my day-to-day responsibilities and I’m seeing the benefits of that.”

The employee also explained how the course was delivered and the advantages of that: “The training was delivered online for our office, but it was tailored to each of us individually. Me and my colleagues were discussing whether we were visual or verbal learners. We were all different and yet the learning style worked for all of us.”

The courses are important to staff in terms of generating future opportunities and achieving ambitions: “I would like to be a team leader one day and the skills I learnt on the management elements of the training have been so helpful. Recently I trained a new starter at the company, and it was a perfect chance to put into practise some of the things I had learned.”

Cargo-Partner have allowed their employees to complete the training alongside their normal job roles and this has been appreciated: “The company have been great; they always support us and want us to develop and progress, not just through internal training but in maximising upskilling opportunities like the Skills for Growth programme.”

To find out more about the programme, or to get in touch with our team,  please click the link here. 

Skills for Growth is funded through the European Social Fund and aims to plug the skills gaps in priority sectors across Greater Manchester as outlined in the Combined Authority’s Local Industrial Strategy.

**Once you are registered with Skills for Growth, Seetec Outsource can support you through a number of Logistics courses, all fully-funded under one offer.