Naomi Amoatin has a fascinating relationship with apprenticeships, as she is not only an apprentice herself, but her role as an Employment Advisor with Hackney Council means that she is speaking to and helping young people who are considering starting apprenticeships as well.

Naomi is soon to complete her Level 4 Employability Practitioner Apprenticeship, which she started a few months after she started working in her role with Hackney Council. She explained why she decided to do this: “It actually came as a suggestion from my manager who saw the apprenticeship advertised. My transition into my new role coincided perfectly with the course being available; the two seemed to work seamlessly together!”

Naomi had previously completed a History degree with the University of Kent, but had felt that that hadn’t helped her with deciding what she was going to do next. In contrast, she discussed the benefits that her apprenticeship has had: “You can see right from the start how what you’re studying can be put into practise in your job, plus I think I’m more of a practical learner so I found it more enjoyable and of course you’re able to earn a salary whilst you complete it. It’s a win-win!”

Having been through the journey herself, Naomi is in a great position to advise other young people who are planning their futures and she is also aware of the challenges there are in convincing others that apprenticeships could be the right choice for them: “When I was at school, apprenticeships weren’t really spoken about and even now, young people are sometimes conditioned by schools that university is the only option. My job is to try and undo some of that conditioning and make them see that apprenticeships might be the best option for them.”

Naomi’s apprenticeship could hardly be more applicable to her day-to-day role and she thinks that going through it herself means that she can understand and connect with the young people she’s advising even better: “Sometimes it gets a bit confusing, I have to think: am I the apprentice or the advisor today?! However, it definitely makes me better at my job, for example, if I’m speaking to someone who might have an issue with universal credit and how their apprenticeship affects that, I can confidently signpost them to the right places.”

Rebecca Nash, Head of Public Services for Seetec Outsource said the following of Naomi’s work: “Naomi is a fantastic example of an employability professional! Her knowledge and guidance to those seeking employment is aligned with industry standards. This is something Naomi has showcased in practice and because of her demonstrations, she has been able to fluidly progress in her academic attainment.”

Naomi’s passion for helping young people is what’s driving her completion of the apprenticeship and subsequent career progression as she discussed: “I think it has happened quite organically, I didn’t know what I wanted to do after university, but I’ve always said to myself that I wanted to be in a role where I’m helping people and where I’m making a difference. When I see that someone I’ve helped has gone on to a new job or a higher-level qualification, that’s what drives me and keeps me going.”

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